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Valued Indytel Customer,

As we have already communicated in an earlier email, we will be migrating all email accounts to a new platform as a result of Google ending support and availability of the platform we offer our customers.

We've put together a 3 step guide for you to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. We also have detailed instructions to help you through each of these steps in our Transition Support Page.


  • Step 1 - Log in to your Webmail and review your data
  • Step 2 - Change to the new server names in your email software 
  • Step 3 - Update your smartphones and tablets


We will be migrating your core email content (email, folders, forwarders, and contacts), but you will need to download any other content you have stored on Google that you would like to keep. We have included instructions for exporting most types of data in the Transition Support Page as well.


Thank you for being a valued customer,




Welcome to Independence Light & Power, Telecommunications

The Independence Light & Power, Telecommunications utility was chartered with the mission of providing the citizens of Independence with quality, dependable utility service. Coupled with that mission was our drive to be independent of outside agencies and to give our community ownership of our utility.

We are proud of our history, and we are proud of where we are today. Independence Light & Power, Telecommunications has grown to be the one you trust to keep your homes lit and safe, to ensure that your workplace is powered, and now, to provide you with quality telecommunications services.

We're always looking ahead to the future and seeking better ways to serve you. You can rely upon Independence Light & Power.

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